CryptoCollider Game Accepts Worldcoin

The Crypto Collider Team has just released a major update! Now at Version 1.1 they are ready for PlayStore and iStore App integration. ColliderCoin has been unleashed too and the deposit system has been completely revamped! Additional updates include: – Four more coins supported: Nubits, NameCoin, WorldCoin and PeerCoin – “Account Overview Panel” with coin […]


V1.0.1 Turtle in AA Wallet Update

Hello dear Worldcoin supporters! Finally the new version is here : – Fix the app crash at start in some computers – Timed downloads. If a file is stuck after 10 seconds, it tries  that file again – No target directory is selected on the install process. The wizard begins download at the current directory […]

DrunkTurtle_1.0.0 & now Support Worldcoin opened a worldcoin mining pool last month and added accessibility to their multi pool platform too. They want to add worldcoin to their cloud mining service too but currently lack in scrypt hardware. The company was one of the biggest bitcoin supporters and was once responsible for 50% of bitcoin hashrate causing uproar in […]

Official Release – New Wallet- V.1.0.0

Drunk Turtle 1.0.0 Release Notes         Prologue November 2014: Enter the Drunken Turtle   We’re aware that over the past 6 months, our communication on future wallet releases and updates have been less than expected.  Some might even go so far as to say that development has been sloppy or slow. Something like a drunk […]

New Wallet Release – v.1.0.0

We are pleased to announce that the brand new wallet has been completed! Unfortunately due to the increase in features and complexity of this Wallet version over previous incarnations there will be a short delay before it’s release. This is mostly due to our rigorous testing of the wallet for security and stability issues. We […]


Worldcoin Alliance weekly report October 13, 2014

Hello Worldcoiners, this week there’s been progress, as always. We are beginning to prepare for the month of November to target related forums with the announcement of the newest wallet release on the 31st October. Obviously these will be staggered in-case there’s any bugs in the software that our beta testers haven’t found.   In […]



Worldcoin Alliance weekly report October 6, 2014

Hello Worldcoiners, hope all is well. The project document has been updated with our current progress, we have completed task 6 to formalize password and resource policies. We should now have control over certain aspects, for example the alliance website will be fixed quicker if it goes down and multiple committee members will have access […]