Worldcoin Weekly Report 22nd April   Recently updated !

It’s still April and we are still here! Last week there was significant progress regarding the website and it has been finished. We will be working towards adding some of the reports that appeared whilst building it and continue to port it over to the new domain. Definitely expect it to be out very soon, […]



Worldcoin Weekly Report 15th April

This week we have been trying to organise ourselves to invite Mathy and Vitalie to become official representatives of Worldcoin for their respective countries. It is apparent that there is still a big chunk of soon to be crypto enthusiasts in both France and Romania. They have both agreed to post news updates via social […]

Worldcoin Weekly Report 8th April

Hope you enjoyed our joke report last week, just to clarify, there were no hidden truths, it was 100% fake. We have to make sure everybody understands that because as we found out, not everybody reads the whole report to the bottom. It is now time to get serious again and get back onto topic […]


Worldcoin Weekly Report 1st of April

The big news we’d like to announce this week is the modifications we’ve made to the Worldcoin algorithm. In particular some optimizations that have been implemented. These days more and more people are becoming computer literate even still 95% don’t truly understand the technical aspects of how some of these things work. For those that […]

Worldcoin Weekly Report 25th March

This week has been relatively quiet. At the start it was discussed openly about ideas for the future. Our developers are eager to come up with either something new or improve existing ideas. It is clear that simplicity is the key, this is something all virtual currencies have failed to do. The first bits in […]


noobie Accepts Worldcoin is a marketplace for users to sell their items for cryptocurrencies. Yesterday it was announced that there was an addition of Worldcoin. For us that means items can be sold via Escrow ensuring a safe trading environment. Sellers have a ranking system to build trust according to the amount of successful sales that have […]

Worldcoin Weekly Report 18th March

A lot has been happening this week so we’ll do our best to try and remember everything that has happened. First things first, a beta version of the new website is pretty much finished but there is a lot of work to do which involves reorganizing existing content, which we have to admit is in […]



Worldcoin Weekly Report 11th March

Hello everybody, We are now halfway through March and have been discussing a wide range of things that need to be done. Now in last weeks report it was mentioned that getting github up would be the number one priority. This week, Berzeck has managed to complete the first repository called ‘WorldcoinDaemon’ under the new […]


Worldcoin Weekly Report 4th March

This week we’ve been asking about your opinions on FTC joint projects and got a good response. Next step will be to see opinions on the other side before proceeding with anything. The Bravenewcoin article got delayed and is now expected to be released latest, by Friday so keep your eyes peeled. In other news, […]