Worldcoin Weekly Report 28th Jan   Recently updated !

The new forum this week as been a success and is buzzing with activity. Hopefully you have all moved over successfully. A FAQ section with video tutorials has been created. So far it covers main issues users have with wallet installation, there’s more to come too over the next few weeks. Post questions in the […]



Worldcoin Alliance Weekly report 21st Jan

Dear Worldcoiners, The Crypto world is going through it’s biggest test since it’s inception some years ago, we have to deal with two big problems before we can step up to the next stage of evolution : * Credibility (trust), which is the most valuable currency in our world. This has been abused over and […]

Worldcoin Alliance Weekly Report 14th Jan

Yet another week of 2015, we hope everybody has come up with a new years resolution like for example, buy more Worldcoins… Bitcoin is dropping and that is having a slight negative effect on the WDC price. Don’t be alarmed though, Worldcoin is still maintaining a higher price and moving up in the coin league.On […]


baby arena

Baby Arena Accept Worldcoin

Baby Arena have recently started to accept Worldcoin for purchasing their products. Located in Slovakia, they ship within Europe and give free shipping for orders over 70 Euro. They use Cryptodiggers Api for processing WDC payments, it is indeed a smart website too and a great start to the new year. To find other shops […]

Worldcoin Alliance Weekly Report Jan 7th

Happy new year!   First of all, we’d like to apologize for not finding the issue with the V1.0.2 wallet installation as quick as hoped. It turned out it wasn’t anything to do with the wallet but rather an issue with the DNS host and some technical issues they were having.   Now with that […]



Happy New Year from the Worldcoin Alliance

Hello fellow Worldcoiners, Soon the year will end, a new year will begin for Worldcoin. Now we have been working harder than ever over the holidays to make a user friendly installation wizard. That day has come, we can see some new features in V1.0.2 below. * Gauss: External device installation options * Gauss: Native […]

Worldcoin Alliance Weekly Report 23rd December

Hi everybody, We are slightly off schedule with updates to the WorldcoinBC installer meaning it is still in closed beta. Mario (Berzeck) apologises for the delay, he doesn’t want to make the same mistake as before. Portability options are not to the required standard yet, it should be easy to install on external sources. More […]


Worldcoin Alliance Weekly Report 16th December

Hi Worldcoiners, So we had a couple of complaints of user friendliness during installation of V1.0.1 therefore our lead developer, Berzeck, has been fixing that. Beta should be ready in a couple of days, we have been testing thoroughly with members of the committee to find any obvious issues. First time installation is now much […]



Worldcoin Alliance Weekly Report 9th December

Hi there everybody, hope you are all well. This week has given us a few small surprises, we are expecting to be able to beta test the new wallet update in 8-10 days. We having been listening to multiple responses to the current wallet release and it’s obvious there are some things that need changing […]