Worldcoin Weekly Report 25th Feb

Last week, the newest version of the Worldcoin wallet was released. So far there have been no critical issues although there is some confusion over what has actually changed. Nothing has changed in the wallet itself in V1.1.0 Chunky Monkey, how ever the configuration module has changed (WorldcoinBC Installer) which enables a faster initial hashed […]


Abu dhabi champ

Jiu-Jitsu Worldcoin Sponsor MyBJJ Update   Recently updated !

A black belt under Ryan Gracie in Brazil, Mario Yokoyama moved to Australia in 2007 bringing with him a wealth of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knowledge and vision to share. The myBJJ Association had its humble beginnings with a couple of local students, and has now grown into an international Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team with a full-time […]

Worldcoin Wallet V1.1.0 ‘Chunky Monkey’

The Worldcoin Wallet update this February has some new updates that have never been seen before. Users had difficulty downloading the chain because synchronizing would take so long. We thought if we could find a secure method to deliver the majority of the chain securely, but a lot faster, it would make Worldcoin more appealing. […]



Worldcoin Weekly Report 18th Feb

Last week the Linux wallet beta started for the new wallet features, a couple of days ago a Windows version also became available on beta channels. There are a couple of bugs internally that we have already spotted but if you would like to help please inbox Berzeck on the forums with errors you spot. […]

Worldcoin Weekly Report 11th Feb

After one year since the project started, the Worldcoin Water well project has been completed. $10,000 was raised which was then passed on to the water project by Kevin (Botornig). We recently released a press release to most crypto news outlets. Crypto coins News published an article that was based upon the completion of the […]


The Worldcoin Well Has Been Successfully built

Back in 2014 the Worldcoin community achieved to successfully crowdfund a water well drilling project in Kenya. We are proud to announce that this project – thanks to your generosity – is finally completed. The well was handed over to Imulama Dispensary on the 26th of January and supports a population of up to 500 […]

Kenya water source


Worldcoin Weekly Report February 4th

  Hi there everybody,   This week has been interesting because we have seen the price drop by quite a lot, now we’d like to address this because it concerns our community. It seems a group of investors lost a hefty quantity of Worldcoins due to a virus that is spreading around targeting altcoin wallets. […]

Worldcoin Weekly Report 28th Jan

The new forum this week as been a success and is buzzing with activity. Hopefully you have all moved over successfully. A FAQ section with video tutorials has been created. So far it covers main issues users have with wallet installation, there’s more to come too over the next few weeks. Post questions in the […]



Worldcoin Alliance Weekly report 21st Jan

Dear Worldcoiners, The Crypto world is going through it’s biggest test since it’s inception some years ago, we have to deal with two big problems before we can step up to the next stage of evolution : * Credibility (trust), which is the most valuable currency in our world. This has been abused over and […]